What We Know

There are 140 million weekly churchgoers who make up the largest, most faithful, highest spending market segment in the United States.  Beliefs drive behavior and Christians are the largest belief group in the world (2.1 billion) and in the U.S. (231 million).  Faith-based marketing can help reach an expansive Christian demographic with an estimated purchasing power of around $5.1 trillion a year. The markets consumers have a set of common interests and unmatched buying opinion and power.


The Value

Faith-based Marketing  – It’s powerful, distinctive and inclusive. “…the faith-based market is unique in that they gather weekly as a group to share and fellowship with each other.  That means the opportunity for information to spread, particularly since people trust recommendations of peers with similar interests.  The faith-based demographic is driven by loyalty, connectivity, attitudes and behaviors that can deliver measurable ROI to overall entertainment content or consumer product marketing or PR campaign.


Why Choose Us

The A.C.C. team has more than 20 years of knowledge, understanding and experience reaching out to this market and has well-established contacts across relevant mediums and platforms. A.C.C.’s reach and resources allows for the planning, execution and implementation of various campaigns that deliver relevance, resonance and momentum of mainstream brands… We Plan Creative Solutions.